Concept art for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Water Babies - 1935

Lullaby Land - 1933

The Mad Doctor - 1933

Mickey’s Orphans - 1931

The Goddess of Spring - 1934

King Neptune - 1932

Moth and the Flame - 1938

The Mad Doctor - 1933

Footage of a lunchtime softball game from the early 1930’s with Walt Disney and his staff, filmed behind the Hyperion Avenue studio in Los Angeles, CA.

It is unknown why this was shot with live sound but it was photographed either for posterity or maybe to send to the spectators as a souvenir of their visit.

The Mad Doctor - 1933

The Mad Doctor - 1933

The Mad Doctor - 1933

Mickey in Arabia - 1932

“The multi-plane camera had levels and on each of these levels we put a big glass on it. We’d paint the foreground trees on the top one, the background, the house that you’re photographing, the characters come out and on the fourth level would be the sun and the sky. When the camera panned down through these levels, you got a third dimension effect.”

- Bob Broughton, Camera Effects Artist for Walt Disney Productions